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Himalayan Adventure Girls is a non-profit organisation with the unique purpose of encouraging Nepali women to participate in the outdoors industry as guides and instructors but also for fun and sport. Tourism has become one of the most important forms of income generation in Nepal and yet women in general continue to play little part.  Since its founding in 2008, our organisation has provided professional training to create opportunities for Nepali women to gain meaningful employment in the outdoors industry as well as participating in kayaking and climbing competitions, mountain biking events etc.

Today, several Nepali ladies have gained the necessary skills and experience to work as professional guides. These young ladies have pushed themselves to excel as raftguides, trekking guides, kayakers and mountainbikers. Five of them have now also a registered adventure company with the name Himalayan Adventure Girls. However, as women they continue to have limited opportunities in Nepal and while they seek to continue their training and development it is our goal to provide them new kinds of opportunities and to make sure new girls get encouragement and training and that we help with the development with the company Himalayan Adventure Girls.



Nepal is one of the most famous countries in the world for whitewater rafting and kayaking. With the high Himalayas guaranteeing yearly snowmelt and monsoon rains feeding rivers through the numerous and beautiful valleys, Nepal is a perfect playground for kayakers and rafters of all kinds. Inka Gurung, first came to Nepal from Sweden more than ten years ago and is one of the many Western kayakers who return every year. However, she soon began getting frustrated that 100% of the river guides were male. In 2008 she met three Nepali girls who asked her to teach them kayaking and the idea for Himalayan Adventure Girls was formed.



Every year we organise one or two more advanced training camps. Sometimes they are taught by Nepali women and sometimes by foreign volunteers . These camps give all the ladies a chance to get together to practice their guiding skills and share their experiences. The girls are encouraged to use English as much as possible to practice talking through their safety protocols and expressing themselves in a professional and friendly way. Outside of these training camps we provide English classes, first aid classes, and a chance for the girls to get their WRT (Whitewater Rescue Techniques) certification.  When opportunity comes they will also get a chance to join tourists on trekking trips, mountainbike trips etc. We have also worked with the International Canoe Federation to give opportunities for the young women to go abroad to sporting events such as the World Championships in Canoe Slalom held in Spain in 2009, the World Championships of Canoe Freestyle held in Switzerland in 2009, and a canoe slalom training camp held in Thailand in 2010. 


How you can help


1.Come to Nepal. Learn kayaking, go trekking, try rock climbing with the female guides, or help teach new girls kayaking or climbing at a training camp.


2. Bring or send equipment. Useful gear is sleeping bags, camping gear, climbing gear, rafting gear, kayaks, paddles, office equipment.


For questions in general about the project, sponsoring, helping etc, contact Inka: inka@farawayadventures.com / 0046 73 814 05 70 

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The following people and companies have helped to make this project successful:


Hanna Sjödin, Alice Bomboy, Natasha Harvey, Nayla Tawa, Taylor Dwyer, Elina Sundström, Katarina Waller, Anna Thuresson, Annelie Åström-Åhl, Julie Grant, Gustav Bringby, Randi och Wolfgang Immler, Nina Virkkala, Frida Benedikt, Henrik Lernmark, Jamie McGuinness, Tomas Torsein, Richard Fox, Jenny Körlin, Stefan Erdman, addnature.com, Molly McKeon, Rosa Matheson, Wilda Nilsson, Fluid Kayaks, GRG´s Adventure Kayaking, Alternative Nepal, PeaceWorks, Hooghuis Sportservice, Malin Lidberg, Ms Baidya, Pierrick Gosselin, Lions ClubSollentuna, Daz / Pure Land Expeditions, Ashley Courtney, River People Stuff, ICF, Aquabound, Square Rock, Silva Sweden, Kajaktiv AB, Nookie, Fiskarhedenvillan, XLENT Strategy, Equator Expeditions, Skirtworks, Ultimate Descents Nepal, KAVU, Rapid Runner Expeditions, Lars Larsson, Royal Beach, Sander Barten, Simon Eriksson, Tomas Karlsson, Paddle Nepal, Ganesh KayakShop, H.R.G.A.N.Fergs  Kayaks, ProTec Helmets, Nodan Club, Carve Designs, Icebreaker, Josh Neilson, KEEN, Cumec, Uppsala Paddlarklubb, North Water, damerna på KI, Sofia Tranaeus, Storm Freeman, Anna Brown, Amandas Intima, Ultimate Rivers, Chandra Ale, Himlayan Ecstasy, Agneta, Lena, Marie-Louise, Chianti Quinn, Adrenalin Rush, Nepal River Conservation Trust, Shai River rafting, Rainwater Activities, NARA, Ben Love at Paddles Magazine (UK), Karin&Magnus Trollsås, Ian Roberts at Adventure Element, Malin Bergman at MestFors, Megh Ale, N.R.C.T. Francesca Garibaldi, the NZ girl power team, the Swedish girlpower team, Whitney Hansen, Becky Smith, Gerry Moffat, Monica Gokey, Christie Glissmeyer, Cecilia, Sonja, Jill Marie Stokes, Eco Treks, Naresh Kumar, Churamani Aryal, Alison Homer, Ashley Cortney, Liza Negriff, Jeff Empfield, Mona Acharya, Jennifer Duin, Ville Arkonkoski, Kristin Waplan & Andu, Kelly Maya Magar, Peak UK, tidingen Outside and all the kayaking boys in Nepal who are encouraging and helping teaching the girls.


Download Project Report from 2008 (PDF)

Download Project Report from 2009 (PDF)

Download Project Report from 2010 (PDF)

Download Project Report from 2011 (PDF)

Since 2012 Himalayan Adventure Girls were registered as an NGO in Nepal and is since then run by  Anu Sherpa, Sita Thapa, Radha Lama and Kamala Magar  in Kathmandu.


Make a donation. Right now we are doing a fund raising to help Nepal help themselves and other victims of the earthquake on 25 April. Please read more and donate on: